Human Resources (HR) are basically the powerhouse of the company or enterprise. They comprise the company’s workforce whether as regular employees or independent contractors. Especially with today’s trend of gig employment, it is not at all surprising that companies would resort to contract basis on their HR department.

However, this is not about traditional or contract employment. Here you have an overview of what to expect to learn when participating in basic HR training courses.

  • Recruitment and Selection. This is one of the most basic roles of HR management regardless of how you were hired. This includes filtering candidates to only include the best among the crop. It is a key responsibility that any HR personnel should basically understand and know about.
  • Management of Employee Performance. Once you have selected the best employees among the candidates, it is your job to oversee how they perform. It includes helping the chosen employees do their jobs better by providing them constructive feedback as well as helping them set goals for better performance. If you are not good at what you do, chances are your employees will quit on you before the next performance evaluation.
  • Oversee Areas of Development. It is common to see employees, especially the new ones, struggle to perform well especially with the new competitive and highly demanding working environment. It is part of your duties to provide opportunities for employees to improve such as conferences, training and even seminars – all to help them acquire new skills.
  • Arrange Backup Plans. This is otherwise known as contingency plans and born out of frustrations when key employees decide to go on greener pastures. Creating a backup plan is no easy feat and it is your job to make sure that the backup plan will work. You do this through succession planning by looking at performance ratings, which you normally have during evaluation.
  • Fair and Just Compensation of Efforts. Another basic role of HR is making sure everyone got fair and just compensation for all their efforts as well as their corresponding benefits. Primary consideration includes direct payment for work performed and sometimes performance-based bonus.

All of these are just overview on what you can expect to learn when participating in basic HR training courses because this is where you will have in-depth learning and understanding of key concepts and many more.