Our Products and Services

UpRush offers a whole wide range of HR products and services to help you manage your most important resource - your people.

Training & Seminars

UpRush prides itself in offering not only affordable learning programs, but modules that are customized based on what your company exactly needs. We use some of the latest technologies in delivering our programs.

HR Audit

Not sure if you are adhering to local laws? UpRush can help audit your HR systems in place and provide needed advice on how to better your processes.

Consultancy Services

Unsure how to set up your HR Department? It does not matter if it is a long-term or short-term contract, UpRush can help you with the initial steps in getting your HR Department up and running.

Managed Payroll

Payroll can be quite confusing for some. UpRush can help take out the confusion without sacrificing timeliness and quality. Reports , payment forms, and payroll register - all in one roof at a price that you can afford.

Managed Recruitment Service

Having a hard time finding the right talent for your company? Let UpRush help you. We will handle everything from sourcing to screening to making sure that they are physically fit to work for your organization.

Job Evaluation & Performance Management

A solid salary structure and performance management system in place is a good way to have a fair and equitable way to reward good performance.

About UpRush Social Geekers

Your people is your organization’s most important resource. How you take care of them can predict just how successful your company will be. While there are many ways that this can be done, one of the easiest and fastest way to get things going is to get the help of a solutions provider. This is where UpRush Social Geekers come in.

Uprush Social Geekers is an HR solutions and services provider located in the heart of Makati. We started in 2015 with only a handful of consultants, working hard to provide cost-effective quality HR solutions and services. Today, the Company has steadily grown its portfolio with new and return clients – proof of the Company’s ability to provide guaranteed success to its clients.