Call Me An HR – Your Own HR Team At Lower Costs

Remember that time when you need guidance on how to compute the pay for a specific holiday but could not find someone who can really walk you through? Or how about the time when you had to create a policy but don’t where to start or what to cover? Just need an extra hand without adding to the headcount? Well, UpRush has got you covered!

Call Me An HR is a subscription-based consultancy program. Think of it as your extra HR hand who can help you in the following areas:

  • Creation of Policies and Procedures
  • Review of Policies and Procedures
  • Auditing and/ or Payroll Preparation
  • Review/ Creation of Contracts
  • Creation/ Review of Forms
  • Creation/ Review of Notices (Notice to Explain, Notice of Decision, Notice of Separation)
  • Guidance on labor laws

Call Me an HR is also a good way to outsource your recruitment processes so that your team can focus on the more important aspects of HR. It’s also the best way to scale up and scale down your Talent Acquisition team without having to worry about headcount or going over budget.

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