The UpRush HR Services & Solutions

UpRush provides three major bundled HR Services:

Payroll Bundle

The UpRush Managed Payroll Services already includes:

  • Processing of Payroll based on Attendance Sheet
  • Government Contribution Payment Forms
  • Submission of Government Payment Reports (Optional)
  • Generation of Payslips

Our Managed Payroll services allows you to focus on the more important aspects of your business while making sure that your employees are paid what is due them in a timely manner.

Training Services

The UpRush Training Services already includes:

  • Conduct of TNA
  • Pre- and Post-training Evaluation
  • Materials for Training
  • Certificate for Attendees
  • Seasoned Facilitators
Managed Recruitment

The UpRush Managed Recruitment Service already includes:

  • Access to a wide database of Applicants
  • Ad posting on behalf of the company
  • Initial Screening
  • Employment History Check
  • Job Offer and Salary Negotiation
  • Pre-Hire Orientation